How to Win the Marketing Long Game


People always want to know… if we try XYZ marketing tactics, when will we see results?

No matter how many studies are out there on the subject, it’s important to remember we’re marketing to real people here and people don’t always work on predictable timelines.Read More →

Why You Don’t Need a Fancy Logo & What to Do Instead


For some reason we entrepreneurs tend to dwell and waste time on things that should be (and can be) simple. A perfect example of this is branding and logo design.

Naming your business and coming up with your idea of the perfect logo is not nearly as important as actually launching and putting yourself out there. Remember, you don’t have a real business until you’ve actually launched.Read More →

A Passion for Simple Web Design


In 11th grade, I took a web design class and there was one assignment that stood out in particular.

We were asked to build the most annoying and distracting one page website possible and the class would vote on a winner.Read More →

Blog Challenge: A Belated Introduction


This week I’m participating in a blogging challenge and that means every day for 7 days I’m going to post something on the blog related to a prompt in the challenge.

The first day it’s my job to answer 5 questions that help you understand who I am and why I’m here. Although I’ve been blogger here at Success Measured for over a year, I think this intro is long overdue and something I somewhat skipped in the early stages.Read More →

Grow Your Blog Traffic With This Simple Commenting Strategy


Everybody wants more traffic right? Especially targeted traffic full of people that will read your blog, enjoy your content, and possibly even end up working with you.

That’s why we do this whole content marketing thing, right?Read More →