4 Reasons Why Freelancing Is Good for Your Career


Finding a job today is tough and starting your own business is no walk in the park either, but there’s a few ways you can ease the transition and build up your influence while you’re at it.

Freelancing is #1 in my book to get you through this rough patch, especially if you’re looking to get more experience or change your career focus.

Here are 4 benefits to freelancing even if you already have a job and you just want to pick up some extra work on the side:Read More →

5 Amazing Email Opt-In Form Examples and Why They Work

opt-in forms

Email marketing is gaining more and more traction in the business world, especially for audience-based businesses and blogs that rely on new subscribers to grow and profit.

Whether you’re monetizing your website or not, collecting emails is something you should be thinking about. The problem is there are so many factors that affect the success of your email capture forms that can really make or break your efforts.Read More →

Everything You Need to Know About the NEW Google Places

Google My Business Local

Google Places has been a confusing jumble of Google+, Google Local and everything else related to getting your small business listed in this almighty search engine. But, thankfully Google has now simplified the entire process with Google My Business.Read More →

Why I Chose Mad Mimi and How to Delight Your Customers

What it Means to Delight Your Customers

It’s been two months now since I switched from Aweber to Mad Mimi for all of my email marketing.

I used Aweber for over a year and I have to be honest, there were no complaints. It was a great solution for the most part. Very easy to use and quick to implement.

My problem? I’m a web designer. I like internet things to look ‘pretty’ and sadly Aweber’s interface is lacking that modern feel I was looking for.Read More →

What It Means to Be A Job Creator and How You Can Become One


First off, sorry to everyone who read the title and thought this was going to be about fixing the economy by creating jobs. I guess you could say this is kind of about that in roundabout way, but not really.

This post is about helping you lead a fulfilling career, regardless of the economic situation. Because that is 100% possible and I think the more people who learn this the better.Read More →